Portrait of a Man as Artist

“After viewing Schierholt’s film, I saw the sculpture differently: I could feel the mass of the dolphins emerging from the similarly-weighted water. The sculpture became as much about the stone and what it revealed when carved, and the dolphins a compelling metaphor for the mystery and emergence of carved sculpture.” 

-Daniel Kany 

Portland Press Herald


Dale Schierholt’s intimate portrait of Cabot Lyford offers the reflections of a master sculptor. Filmed primarily at his studio in New Harbor, Maine, Lyford is shown sculpting in wood, using mallet and chisel, chainsaw and sander. The boldness of his direct carving technique is matched by his sensitivity to the materials. He focuses on subjects he loves, whether wildlife or women. The film includes visits to his graceful Dolphins in Portland and the monumental black granite My Mother the Wind on the Portsmouth waterfront.