Maltby Sykes: Gentleman Modernist


“Though Maltby Sykes was an important member of the Art Department at Auburn University in those decades following WWII, his quiet southern gentlemanly ways eschewed anything that might be construed as self-promotion. This film helps to rectify that oversight by highlighting his long career, not only as a memorable teacher but as a skilled printmaker.”


                   -Marilyn Laufer, Director

                     Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art,

                    Auburn University

From young artist at war, to innovative printmaker, to beloved professor, Maltby Sykes has touched the lives of generations of students and art lovers. Director Dale Schierholt tells the artist’s life story through a series of interviews with his students, colleagues and art historian as well as rare excerpts from audio recordings with Sykes himself. Illustrated with archival photos and reproductions of some of the artist’s memorable work, the film offers an intimate insight into the life and art of this influential artist and teacher.